The Resurgence of Vintage Design

The Resurgence of Vintage Design

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If someone were to ask me two years ago how décor mattered in my life, I wouldn’t have an answer to give them. To be honest, it didn’t matter to me. I lived in a cabin with a folding lawn chair for furniture and a kitchen table and bed I built myself out of 2×4’s. That was it. Nothing on the walls, not even paint. Needless to say, vintage design was the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t until I got married that I can say the thought of design even entered my mind. Going through pre-marital counseling, our pastor told me that the house was the woman’s pride. That was where she could express who she was. At that time, I didn’t really think much of it. My wife changed my view on this. I moved into an apartment in the city about six months before I got married. When looking for a place to live, this was not our first choice however it was what we could afford.


This apartment was old and tiny, had definitely seen its better days. After we got married, my wife moved in. With the move, I upgraded my folding lawn chair to a couch and loveseat. In addition, we added a (real) kitchen table, a bed with matching nightstands and dressers, a bookshelf and a desk. It was at this time that I realized our pastor was right because my wife started adding to our walls as well; pictures, crosses, and clocks. This old, run-down apartment was the same one I moved into six months prior, however it was at this moment that it felt like home for the first time. While I realize that a large part of that was my wife moving in, I also need to acknowledge that it was what was done to the place that made it feel like home.  You can buy a $3 million dollar mansion on the lake, but it won’t feel like home just because you bought the house. What’s truly important is what you do with the house. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I’ve learned that a little goes a long way, but adding design transforms a house into a home.

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There was a time for me when design mattered to me. Back in fall of 2015, I had to move away from my childhood home because it needed to be rebuilt and fixed on. After nearly fifty years since built, the walls were weak and had holes all over. The roof was severely faded and was caving in on us. Our doors were old & were not fitting correctly as they should. I believe someone may have installed those doors over the years, but did not do a good job to make sure they fit. All of which, caused them to lean towards the right. So then, my mother finally got a chance to get things fixed. But, we had to move to a temporary apartment until done. During that time, I was filled with anxiety. Why? Because I did not know what to expect whenever I came back. When I finally came home, I was just in awe. The builders had redone everything differently. First, the doors were new of course and they fitted perfectly. But there was


The builders had redone everything differently. First, the doors were new of course and they fitted perfectly. But there was a twist, the doors now had a glass view at the top. Then, my living room was bigger than before. The builders had torn a wall down that separated the kitchen and the dining room. It did not just stop there. The dining room window was converted to sliding glass doors. All of which gives a beautiful view of the yard & help bring a lot of sunlight in the house. Then came the walls, which were all new and didn’t have any holes or cracks in them. I could not believe what I was seeing. On top of that, there were paintings and are hung all along the walls of the house. Even the bedrooms have at least one piece of artwork hanging up. It almost felt as if it were all a dream. At that point, I realized what decor and a builder’s idea can do to make a house into a home.