The Relationship Between Design and Home Decorating

Design, whether for our home, school or work, always matters. It matters not just in fulfilling the need to fill up a room with pieces of furniture but for invoking positive emotion, feeling and thinking, or if done wrong, the opposite.

Decor matters three times. The first time is when we acquire a room or a house to live in, whether rented or bought. There is a need to furnish it with the basics, -a chair to sit on, a table to eat at, and a bed to sleep in. Whether we are aware of it, we choose furniture, appliances, and everything else we feel we have to have, based on our personalities. Who we are, which includes how we were brought up and our past and recent experiences, is the reason why we choose what we choose to put in that one room or every room in our house.

We choose certain colors and textures or items within certain price ranges because we were brought up with these colors and textures, or we grew up with the familiarity to certain qualities of these items that commanded certain prices. When we are presented with an array of options, say of paintings, we see them according to our personalities, and then we choose that painting or paintings that brings back good memories of a day spent with certain people at a certain place. A good memory was recalled and the painting is brought home.

Decor matters a second time when we decide where and how we put it in a room. In other words, there will be reasons to where we will put that item and how. With the painting that was brought home, we might want to put it in the foyer to welcome every visitor, -for everyone to see and admire, or in our bedroom to greet us every morning.

The third time when decor matters are when it has been placed in that special spot. When we see every decor we have chosen to have a place in our room or house, we are content and at happy. The contentment is the result of seeing organization, order, and harmony between every piece and the rest of what is in the room.

The composition of a room or every room in our house becomes a completed masterpiece, an accomplishment of an objective. It becomes not just a necessary task that is finally done, but more of a dream that was realized. It becomes even more meaningful when it is realized with loved ones.

Although different in degrees and reasons, feelings invoked by any decor is constant in every environment we fill with it. If one is a teacher that is decorating his/her room, there is also a feeling of accomplishment when the room is arranged according to specific needs and wants. In a new office, a worker will feel inspired and hopeful and motivated with decor that brings about these emotions.

When the time comes for us to leave the room or house,  to leave it to its original owners, or to pass on to a new one, we feel a sense of pride in the way we redo or keep the decor,  to please others that see them.

When we finally succeed, in whatever our objective is with our decor, is the ultimate reason for why it matters so much, which is the totality of who we are.