Interior Design Is Not For The Faint of Heart

15 Feb

Interior Design Is Not For The Faint of Heart

Decor really can change a room from feeling like a prison cell to a home.  This was the case for me when I moved into college.  My dorm was all cinder block and tight; you could barely fit anything in the room.  After living in the room for a few weeks, I was getting frustrated.  I wanted to like my room, I mean it’s the place I’m living, but I couldn’t get over how it felt like a prison cell and that the walls were caving in on me.  That’s when I went to Amazon and bought flags, lights, and some posters/signs to hang up.  I was so excited for everything to arrive and really hopeful that adding some decor to the room will make a difference.  When everything came, I got all the items out, laid them on my bed, and envisioned how I would want it all to look.  I was able to make my vision a reality and it looked amazing.  I couldn’t have been happier; the room felt twice as big and a place I am happy to finally call home.


Decor really did improve my room and my happiness living there.  Decor is also a way to express yourself.  The flags I bought represented me.  I had purchased a Maryland state flag because that’s where I live, an American flag because that’s the country I love, and a United States Army flag because I am in the ROTC and will commission as a second lieutenant with the Army once I graduate.  The poster I bought was a New York Rangers banner that hangs over my desk and the lights go across the border of the room to bring a little light to the room.  Having the things I like and value represented in the decor I have not only adds some life to my room but truly represents me and my values as well.  Decor really does a lot more than just decorate.


The reason why décor matters is because it helps to reveal an individual’s personality. When we see different types of décor we see different types of personalities. Décor also matters because it helps brings an energy to the room. The energy in the room can bring a warm comfortable feeling depending on the furniture or the colors in the room. Or the energy in the room can bring a negative feeling by bringing a cold feeling into the room. The time when furnishing and decorating my room mattered in my life was when I lost my father. During that time in my life, it was a dark and lonely period. When I would furnish and decorate my room it helped me to get in a good mood and to not fall into depression.

Southwestern Decor vs Arabic Decor


The one rule that I made for myself when furnishing my room was to not paint the walls black. Because in painting the walls black it would just bring a dark feeling to the room. During that period, it made me realize that décor helps you to realize that each of us has a creative side in us that we may have or have not realized we had. We just have to push ourselves to tap into it. Décor matters in society and history because we see how culture influences décor. For, example when we compare southwestern décor to Arabic décor, Southwestern décor is influenced by the pattern of animal skin in the wildlife and the texture of wood in their artwork. While Arabic décor is more focused on-line patterns and detail and vibrate colors. Décor matters in society because it also influences how it’s taught such as interior design. By teaching students which colors do and don’t complement each other, how to make a room look more spacious, etc.